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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Spotted: Toddler at the Pedia

Last month, I brought Epp to his pedia for his boosters and also to ask the doctor about his eating habits. I've been worried because I think he eats like a bird and that it takes hours for him to finish his meal. I was so worried about his appetite. I asked the doctor about all my concerns on that visit only to be told that Epp is in tip-top shape and that there is nothing to worry about.

The pedia set my expectations and said that the ideal meal portion size for a child his age is the size of his fist. She said that is about the size of his tummy so a portion of rice, viand, vegetables and fruits should be the size of his fist for each. That's all it can hold at a time. She even said, "Baka naman isang bandehado ang gusto mong kainin nya?" Haha I really laughed hard at that. She also asked about the intervals of formula feeding (three times a day with a 5-6 hour-gap). 

Epp's pedia was convinced that the reason I think he doesn't feel like eating is because Epp is still full so she advised against giving milk a few hours before meal time. 

It was me who had a problem because I wanted him to eat like a grown-up. Haha I was so relieved. There was really nothing to worry about. Epp even eats more than the usual because he drinks milk very frequently and still eat full rice meals. She also said not to worry about his weight and his height because he's on the right track. Another learning for the first-time mommy me. Salamat, Doc for straightening me up and for correcting my perception about how much my son should be eating. And most especially for accommodating all my questions about my little tyke. [And I really ask a lot.]
Epp at his pedia at TMC

He just had to touch everything.

Always on explorer mode...

As a result of that visit,below are my action items. Yes, I listen to the doctor's advice. :)

1. Purchase divided plates for each section for vegies/sides and in the largest section for the main course. [DONE]
2. Set a longer interval between milk feedings. [DOING IT]
3. Let him join the grown ups during meal time at the dining table. [DOING IT]
4. Start looking for a nursery school, Epp is ready (probably because he was talking to her and he even pointed out all the stuffed animals in her office, haha. Showoff!) as a salingketket so he can learn social skills especially since he's the only toddler at home and is seldom around kids. [LOOKING...]
5. Do not worry. :)

Clean Plate. Happy Mom.


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