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Friday, July 25, 2014

Epp: Wee Wordsmith

His favorite words (which he frequently butchers, err utters) in a Wordle word cloud
There are a lot of things a mother should remember about her child. For me, one of the many things to never ever forget is the day he/she uttered his/her first words and all the other succeeding words after that. I can say that when it comes to Epp's hitting this 'talking' milestone, I've been all ears.

My baby's pedia used to say, "a toddler's use of verbal language is a sign of intelligence". Ding! That's when I started actively talking to him and listening to cues of verbal communication when he was barely a month old. Haha Syempre. I want my baby to be intelligent. No mother would want it any other way. #stagemommy 

And so it began, the endless prodding and nightly reading rituals, the storytelling session about important family stories, his parents' love story (haha) and just about anything I could get my hands on.

I have even compiled/listed the words that he could already say at a certain age in a  health journal. Thanks to Dr. Mom Health Journal's huge writing space, I was able to document some of those words that were just music to my ears. 

Epp: The Wee Wordsmith at 25 months


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