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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I've always had a love-hate relationship with social media. There are days I barely look at it. Sometimes I don't even log in for weeks but there are days (especially on holidays) that I spend a good hour (or two)  reading one shared link after another, opening them in new tabs until I get a window full of tabs on my Firefox browser. All the information is just overwhelming. I want to read them all because they're interesting and they're funny and informative. Then there's that mindless scrolling on Instagram. Two hours (and more) passed by... Do I feel more informed? More knowledgeable? Was the experience life-changing? Nah. Most of the time, I feel mortified. I feel guilty of all the binge browsing and the time lost, the time I could have spent doing something else. Like reading and preparing for my thesis-writing class and creating DIY educational materials for my baby.

I hope one day I could quit. For now, it's the most affordable communication for me and my seaman husband so the time is yet to come when I can say I'm fully and irrevocably social media-free. 

Sharing with you the stuff I''ve read about social media use and how it could be a detriment to our health. Proceed with caution and then share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumbler. ;)

Infographic Source
There's just so much content on 'philosophizing' and analyzing social media use that if I scour university libraries, I'd probably find one or two volumes of theses written about the topic. Here's one infographic that will guide you where each 'life-changing', 'attention-grabbing' post should go.

Infographic Source

Now that you've worked out which social media works best for which type of information, it's time to know your audience! I'd love to know how my husband uses it especially if he's away most of the time. Hehe Entreprenuer has research to show which gender uses what.

Infographic Source

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Zeff is Two!

It's our little man's 2nd birthday yesterday! Mommy and Daddy wanted him to have a good time so we celebrated by doing all his favorite activities. Here are the highlights of the day:

1. Woke up early and thanked Papa Jesus for all of Epp's favorite people, places and things.
2. Watched Barney and Friends, Sesame Street, Wee Bee, his favorite YouTube nursery clips all morning (Lalalala, Elmo's World...)
3. Had an amazing time at his inflatable mini-pool. (Thanks, Tita Jay!)
4. Had a blast at his favorite hangout, Eastwood City!
5. Got to blow a candle at his small and intimate tractor-themed birthday party. (The little engineer blew the candle himself, without any help. Yay!)
6. Looked through lots of books at his happy place. Also tried to hug and kiss a little girl at the 'booktore'. (Hala!)
7. Played and wrestled with his cousins
8. Celebrated Mama La's 50th birthday (She doesn't look 50, at all!)
9. Skipped afternoon nap! (I guess this was the highlight for him. Haha)
10. Received lots of love, hugs and kisses.

It really was a happy birthday! 

Happy Birthday, Babylove!

He couldn't help himself, he just had to run the cupcake topper through the table.

He knows how it's done. :)
These are red velvet cupcakes! They not only look nice, they taste yummy! The kids love them!

Swellsweets made these cute cupcakes for my little boy. (I clearly need lessons in photography. This picture did not do the cake any justice. LOL) 

I can't believe you're already two! I love you so much!