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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays!

It's Christmas eve and I am working from home! Okay, not complaining here since I still get to be with my family on this day and there are only a few tasks left that needed my attention. 

The last few weeks have been very busy and a little bit crazy so I may have been posting pictures and have done very minimal writing on this blog. I've only had one entry for December when I posted about that one weekend we spent at the arcade , but when I peeked at my archive, I still couldn't believe that there really IS just one entry on this blog! Nothing has been written after that. And the year is about to end. What has happened? Has it really been just one entry? What happened to my time management?! LOL 

I can feel the post's loneliness. Haha Talk about BL! [In my vocabulary, that means on 'blogging leave', not bakasyon leave.] Okay, I know. Too corny. I should blog more, really. I should. I.NEED.TO.BLOG.MORE.

I silently chastised myself for not following through my commitment to write, write and just write.

Ergo, my second post for this month. Yay! Hurray for small steps! Hehe

Anyway, the Christmas tree was up first week of December and I couldn't say that the events leading to that week was uneventful. This is our first time to spend Christmas away from our immediate families so we wanted to make it more like we're with them and wanted to really devote time and some resources to make it so. Or at least that's what I wanted. Hahaha

The husband and I disagreed on what Christmas tree to get. I, of course wanted to get a reasonably priced one that looks a little more bongga but the husband wanted something less bongga (read: worth Php500, nothing more, nothing less, he's stingy that way) and he even wanted to go to Divisoria to buy one because the better-looking ones were all priced at Php3000 and up. I love Divi, don't get me wrong, but we decided too late in the game to put up a tree and I didn't have the time nor the energy to spend hours in a crowd to scout for that tree alone. I would have gone crazy. I'm not too good with huge crowds and time-pressured shopping. LOL

After two days and three malls and several arguments (haha), we've finally found a tree that's on sale and looks adorable! And for only Php1499 at Robinsons Galleria! The ornaments were also reasonably priced, so I hoarded. ;)

Here is the tree that we put up while the tyke was sound asleep.
Baba was excited and helped, too! We were all excited to build the tree that I forgot to take a picture of all the ornaments before starting.Halfway through the task, I remembered my blog so...

The gifts for the people back home and for baby "Epp" (that's what Zeff calls himself these days).

The tree in its purest form (read: in broad daylight).

The tree, of course, looks merrier with this little babylove. Built this for you, love... :)
Merry Christmas, everyone, from me and my little family! May we never lose sight of the true meaning of this frenzied season. :) More blessings to come! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Moments with Daddy

I've said before that I feel happiest when I am at home and spending time with my son. Well, there's another thing that tops that feeling. Yes, it's when I see these two together and having tons of fun. I'll let some of the pictures do the talking. :)

Zeff, listening intently to Daddy's instructions

"Mommy, this is soo much more fun when done with Daddy!"

Zeff, keeping the gun steady and helping Daddy get a good aim. LOL

Eyes on the road. :)

He knows how this works. He's done this in Tita Mommy's car a thousand times. Haha

I hope that my son could spend every waking hour with his father. But work will soon take Daddy away from him and the mere thought of it breaks my heart. Huhu Okay, okay. No more unhappy thoughts. Here's to celebrating happy moments with Daddy Bubba! :)