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Friday, August 23, 2013

War on Wet

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I loved rainy days. As a kid, they are a good excuse to spend time outdoors without being scolded. My mother encouraged us to play in the rain when we were younger that eventually she had to make us come inside the house when we spent too much time getting soaked. She was always trying to get us to do fun and different things. My 8-year old brain retained those memories. Rain is equal to hours of fun and carefree games of tag

But rainy days are fun only when you get to experience them without the worries of having to deal with the aftermath. I grew up in a country (and in a province) that gets visited by typhoons almost 20 times a year. That regularity will make anyone treat rain (light or heavy) as a part of life in the archipelago. So we're knee-deep in dirty and murky waters. Big deal.

In the city, (particularly Metro Manila) this has become a source of anxiety and fear. Heavy rains have resulted to massive flooding and caused damage to properties and even took lives.

Now that I am an adult and living in the city, heavy rains have always bothered me. It's not the inconvenience that the heavy rain brings that makes me feel sluggish and heavyhearted and well, a little annoyed. Sure, I can tread on dirty knee-deep water and still be able to do my daily activities but I think we didn't have to deal with this .  

It's the way that the city is planned that makes me incensed. It's been said before. City planning sucks big time in this country. The government, rather, the people who 'run' the country and the big cities just keeps on brainlessly building structures where they can make money out of the people's coffer.  The government has the resources and the manpower (we still have intelligent Filipino engineers who chose to stay and work in the country, don't we?) to build useful structures, bridges and effective drainage systems but some of the people in power chose to make a buck out of people's taxes and live lavish lifestyles. 

They have in their hands the opportunity to effect change and not be at the mercy of Mother Nature. Yes, we know she's always going to win but there are ways and means to at least counter the damage she's bound to leave when she does strike.  We may be far behind in terms of early warning systems and rescue operations compared to first world countries but there are just plenty of things we can think up to not have these disasters leave us so helpless.

If only our leaders and the people who are in seats of power take that opportunity seriously, then the heavy rains won't be as scary and dreadful and annoying. Which brings us back to the most basic question of all: Have we made the right choices during elections? 

We don't have to live like this. We don't have to live in fear of rain.  

My prayers are with those whose homes and ways are still flooded. Please stay safe and dry everyone! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Mother's Prayer

(This is a borrowed post, from the book 'Straight from the Heart' 

God, help me always to remember
that you have given to me
the most important task in the world,
the task of making a home.

Help me to remember this
when I am tired
of making beds, and washing clothes
and cooking meals, and cleaning floors,
and mending clothes,
and standing in shops.

Help me to remember it
when I am physically tired in body,
and when I am weary in mind
with the same things
which have to be done again and again,
day in and day out.

Help me never to be irritable
and never to be impatient.
Keep me always sweet.
Help me to remember
how much my husband
and my children need me,
and help me not to get annoyed
when they take me for granted,
and when they never seem
to think of the extra work
they sometimes cause me.

Help me to make this home
such that the family will always be
eager to come back to it,
and such that, when the children grow up
and go out to their own homes,
they will have nothing
but happy memories of the home
from which they have come.

Through Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

And here's another one...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Flat Iron's Forefather

I can't imagine doing this chore myself This means I would have to have more children to help me carry out a task like this. The thing needs weight of more than just one person! 

Flat Iron's Forefather
Doesn't it make you feel grateful for being born at a time when everything is more convenient?  Happy Wednesday! :)